conventions of a film in the thriller genre

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conventions of a thriller film in mindmap form for A/S Media

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conventions of a film in the thriller genre
  1. common themes
    1. supernatural
      1. action
        1. adventure
        2. sub genres
          1. crime, ie batman
            1. psychological
              1. ie psycho, or taxidriver
              2. noir
                1. the maltese falcon
              3. sound
                1. the sound in these films starts slow and quiet and builds up to be faster and louder to build tension and add to climax and the pitch may change through out the piece
                  1. ie jaws
                2. cineamatography
                  1. black and white can be used to show harsh/cold reality
                    1. for example frank millers sin city
                    2. low and high shots used on a antagonist to show power and the high ones on victims to show they are in danger less powerful
                      1. editing
                        1. cross cutting in editing helps to build tension and jump cuts keep mystery and stop watchers catching on
                      2. characters
                        1. hero (protagonist), villain (antagonist), sidekicks
                        2. mise en scene
                          1. costumes
                            1. dark - antagonist casual/everyday - protagonist
                            2. lighting
                              1. often very dark lighting in scenes to convey tone, theme
                              2. location
                                1. stairs can be used in a location to show rising power/to a challenge or loosing power
                                  1. confined spaces to show that the protagonist is trapped or weak
                                  2. props
                                    1. props such as mirrors can show charecters relflection on them self due to actions taken or upcoming
                                      1. the use of props can show intentions
                                        1. ie psycho - the birds of prey hanging from the wall show the intentions of the murderer to prey on the victim
                                    2. common storyline themes
                                      1. revenge
                                        1. good vs evil
                                          1. hatred
                                            1. adventure
                                              1. horror
                                                1. supernatural
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