7th grade Deep and Dark and Dangerous

Alyssa Vavrosky
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Allie is trying to find out who this T girl is ripped off from a picture and,on he back is just left with a letter T

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7th grade Deep and Dark and Dangerous
1 Deep and Dark and Dangerous
1.1 Author: Marry Downing Hahn
2 Characters
2.1 sissy/Teresa
2.1.1 Dulcie Emma Allie
2.1.2 Claire Dad
3 Setting
3.1 Time: Not specific maybe in modern
3.1.1 Place: Gull Cotage
4 Theme
4.1 You should not be someone that your are not to be someones friend.
5 Main Conflict
5.1 Allie is trying to figure out who this Teresa girl is.
5.1.1 This girl name sissy could be a ghost or really a human,but Allie thinks its Teresa but not for sure.
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