curling wond

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mind map about curlers

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curling wond
1 temperature
1.1 consistant temp?
1.2 upto 220degrees
1.2.1 burns? safety fire hazard
2 lightweight
2.1 materials
2.1.1 reduce amount of material
2.1.2 easier to hold for periods of time
2.2 aluminium coated in ceramic
3 safety
3.1 trip hazard
3.1.1 cord length
3.2 app to turn it off
3.2.1 60 minute shutoff
3.3 induction charging
3.3.1 cordless portable
4 modular
4.1 inter changeable hair tools
4.2 charging pad
4.2.1 than one device at a time?
4.3 play music?
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