Background to 1981 Springbok tour

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Background to 1981 Springbok tour
1 The Springbok team and New zealand have always had a healthy rivalry especially when it came to rugby
2 From the 1940s to the 1960s, the south african aparthied has an influence on the player selections: saying that maori players were unable to
2.1 Because of this opposition to of race based teams grew in the 50s and 60s
2.1.1 pior to the all blacks tour in 1960 150,000 new zealanders signed a petition supporting a policy of "no marois no tour" The tour still happened and HART was formed
3 In 1976 the All blacks toured with the blessing of newly elected prime minister Robert Muldoon.
3.1 Twenty five nations protested against by boycotting the montreal olympics
3.1.1 In their view the all black tour gave tacit support to the apartheid regime The 1976 tour contributed to the creation of the gleneagles agreement adopted by the common headsof government meeting in 1977

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