Coursework A2 Media

Grace Cambridge
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This is a mind map to show why I choice one option over another in regards to my A2 Media Coursework

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Coursework A2 Media
1 Advert
1.1 Why I discounted this idea
1.1.1 I discounted this idea because I feel like I don't have a passion to do it meaning I would get bored and wouldn't put in 100% of my effort.
1.2 Negatives
1.2.1 I don't like the sound of the ancillary tasks
1.2.2 I feel like I would waste time of the project trying to decide which product to advertise and how to advertise it
1.2.3 I would struggle with keeping the timing short so the work wouldn't be the best
1.3 Positives
1.3.1 Can choose from multiple different products
1.3.2 Many different ways to construct the advert
1.3.3 Very short and could be filmed quickly
2 Trailer
2.1 Positives
2.1.1 I could make a teaser trailer
2.1.2 It could be based of the idea I used last year
2.1.3 I already have experience in the field of filming for films
2.2 Negatives
2.2.1 Having to create a whole storyline
2.2.2 Having to film more than you need and then cutting it down to make it fit within the time frame of a trailer
2.2.3 I struggled with making the opening 2 minutes of a film last year so I don't feel like making a trailer is the best thing for me to do
2.3 Why I discounted this Idea
2.3.1 I discounted this option because I already have filmed things in the film industry and I would like to have a look at a different area of media
3 Music Video
3.1 Why I chose this idea
3.1.1 I chose this idea as I feel like it will keep my interest for the whole length of the project whereas with the other ones I feel like I would get bored
3.1.2 I think this idea is also the one that I would like to do because it is the only one that really interests me and would keep me busy for the whole project
3.2 Negatives
3.2.1 Will be longer than the other two options
3.2.2 Have to construct the idea around the lyrics
3.2.3 Actors have to be willing to give a performance
3.2.4 Need to pick a song with no music videos
3.3 Positives
3.3.1 I like the look of the Ancillary Taks
3.3.2 Many of the songs I like do not have music videos so it will be easy to pick song ideas
3.3.3 Already having a base for the ideas because of the storyline of the song.
3.3.4 Lack of Narrative will allow more creative freedom
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