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Initial Ideas Mind Map


Initial Ideas Mind Map for my short film 'Willow House'.
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Initial Ideas Mind Map
  1. Genre - Horror
    1. We instantly knew that we wanted our film to be within the horror genre as it would be simple and effective to recreate many of the effects. Since the beginning, we wanted to thrill our audience which would make for a more successful horror film.
      1. Many horror films have reoccurring themes such as hauntings, murders and psychopaths. We thought that it would be a challenging task to make a horror film with similar themes as many have already been created that have not been successful. There are many ideas that we thought about that have already been used, however we have decided to recreate them differently, hopefully making for a horror film with more verisimilitude.
      2. Narrative
        1. Levi-Strauss' theory of binary opposites will be prevalent within our short horror film as horror films thrive on conflict. The narrative would be stagnant if it weren't for the negative aspects of the film. In order for horror films to be thrilling, there needs to be a sinister presence. We decided to include an insidious entity to contrast against the innocent young victim. This enhances suspense and drives the narrative forward.
          1. Closed narrative - I didn't want the audience to already know what was going to happen as I thought it would ruin the suspense and make the story anti-climactic. With horror films, you need to have that suspense in order to keep the audience interested which would make a more successful film.
          2. Storyline
            1. It's always been a prevalent thought that we wanted there to be a stereotypical young female victim within the film so that the audience recognises the danger of her innocence.
              1. A haunted house has been at the forefront of our ideas as that setting never fails to scare audiences with its hidden corners and disregarded belief of security
                1. A cliff hanger would be an ideal ending for the film as it keeps the audience wanting more. The idea that the innocent victim has been effected/taken in some way makes the audience tense and fearful as to what would have happened.
                2. Micro Elements
                  1. Cinematography - The production will be filmed in 'vlogger' style, meaning it will look like the character is filming in first person. This shooting style is more likely to show the characters emotions from how the character reacts to certain occurrences.
                    1. Mise-en-scene - there will be a lot of cast shadows to intensify fear, significant props such as matches and creepy blacked-out voids from which horrible entities might enter from.
                      1. Sound - All sound will be diegetic (except drumbeats) to make it seem more naturalistic. It will only include the victims voice and sound effects that the entity will make such as dropping objects, laughing, creaking and drum beats.
                        1. Editing - there will be many jump cuts and inserts to show the speed of the victims heart rate and the pace at which the narrative will be told. The editing is important as this is what effects the audiences reaction the most.
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