tea cultivation in India and kenya

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tea cultivation in India and kenya
1 Tea bush is a tropical and sub-tropical plant and thrives well in hot and humid climate which is found in India ,Sri lanka ,Kenya, China, Japan
2 The ideal temperature for its growth is 20°-30°C and temperatures above 35°C and below 10°C are harmful for the bush.
3 It requires 150-300 cm annual rainfall which should be well distributed throughout the year.
4 Alternate waves of warm and cool winds are very helpful for tea leaves
5 Tea gardens are set up on the cleared hill slopes where shade trees are planted in advance. Seeds are sown in the germination beds and the saplings transplanted to the garden.
6 Kenya's lower land is too hot for tea to grow or survive, so plantations are situated higher up at elevations of 4,500 to over 7,000 feet.
7 Kenya is a fascinating, unique region and one of only a few locations on the equator that maintains glaciers.
8 The Rift Valley floor is far too hot and dry to grow tea, but in the highlands the elevation and upland climate are perfect for vigorous tea growth.
9 India had a long tradition of being the largest exporter of tea in the world, but her predominant position as an undisputed leader of tea exporting country has been severely shattered by fast increasing domestic consumption.
10 Changing weather patterns in Eastern Africa are increasingly being felt within agricultural systems not only by policy levels abut also small farmers
11 the government of india improve the agricultural system,drainage and clone old bushes into new plants so more production could take place
12 the FAO created a two year project so the tea cultivation of eastern africa could increase
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