Communication and Internet Technology

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Advanced Level (A- Level) Computer Science (Communication and Internet Technology) Mind Map on Communication and Internet Technology, created by TS P on 09/22/2015.

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Communication and Internet Technology
  1. Hardware
    1. Server side scripting
      1. Uses PHP
        1. Happens at the server side
          1. Uses a software called Apache
            1. Why use server side scripting?
              1. More security
                1. Better performance
                2. PHP is executed on the server, the codes are not sent to the user, only its results are
              2. Client Side Scripting
                1. Happens at the client side (browser)
                  1. Browser looks at the tags and fetch the images, videos, javascripts...
                  2. Uses Javascript
                  3. Communicaiton Types
                    1. Parallel
                      1. Uses more than one communication line at a time to transmit more than one bit of information at a tiem
                        1. Example: Buses in the computer that connect to the motherboard
                        2. Serial
                          1. Communcation that uses only one transmission line to send one bit of information at a time
                            1. Example: Peripheral computer devices such as mouse,keyboards etc.
                          2. Simplex
                            1. Half duplex and full duplex
                              1. Client-Server Model
                                1. Thin Client Server Model
                                  1. Thick Client Server Model
                                  2. Synchronous
                                    1. Asynchronous
                                      1. Asynchronous transmission is when the two computers' clocks are not synced together
                                        1. start bits and stop bits will need to be sent in order for the two computers to communicate
                                      2. Communication when both computers' system clock are in time with each other and information can be sent immdiately with real time response
                                    2. Web RequestLife Cycle
                                      1. 5 layers Internet Suite Stack
                                        1. Application
                                          1. Transport
                                            1. Network
                                              1. Data Link
                                                1. Physical
                                                2. Reroutes the data to its destination
                                                3. Transport layer converts the URL into IP address using a DNS and passes this on to the next layer
                                                4. Browser sends the URL off to the Transport layer
                                            2. IP Addressing
                                              1. Public
                                                1. Static
                                                  1. Normally assigned to web hosts or servers
                                                    1. Does not change
                                                    2. Dynamic
                                                      1. Users/Clients only
                                                        1. Changes whenever a user disconnects and reconnects
                                                      2. Private IP
                                                        1. Used in LANs, always Static
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