Ancient Egypt part one

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Ancient Egypt part one
  1. The Nile and how it influenced settlement
    1. The lifeblood of Ancient egypt, helped it be so successful
      1. Gave them plenty of water and fertile soil for crops
        1. People no longer needed to be Nomad's moved to river and formed cities
          1. irrigation had to be built ; canals and ditches were built.. Simple tools like shaduf helped with irrigation too.
        2. Was the Egyptians main transport route
          1. played an important part in their religion
          2. Way of life in Ancient Egypt
            1. Most Egyptians lived in a narrow band of farmland next to the Nile
              1. Farmers produced enough food for everyone because the land was so fertile
                1. People who did not farm made new tools, wove clothes, built temples and houses, traded food and goods with one another, and learned how to read, write and do maths.
                2. invented paper, the sail, the 365-day calendar, fractions, the ox-drawn plough, legal contracts, black ink
                  1. Their knowledge of medicine, astronomy and building was amazing.
                  2. Social structure in Ancient Egypt
                    1. society - a community of people with shared laws and traditions
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