12 months

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12 months old mind map

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12 months
1 physical
1.1 fine motor
1.1.1 can point with the index finger at objects of intrest
1.1.2 show a preference for one hand over the other but use either
1.1.3 can release a small objects into someone's hand
1.1.4 drop and throw toys deliberately and look and see where they have fallen
1.1.5 can pick up small objects with pincer grasp
1.1.6 can grasp a crayon with palmer grasp, and turn several pages of book at once
1.1.7 build with a few bricks and arrange toys on the floor
1.1.8 can put small objects into a bottle
1.1.9 can grasp a crayon with either hand in palmer grasp, and imitate to-and-fro scribble
1.1.10 may build a tower of two cubes
1.2 gross motor
1.2.1 can rise to standing without help from furniture
1.2.2 can cruise along using furniture as support
1.2.3 can probably walk alone, with their feet wide apart or with one hand held
1.2.4 can stand alone for a few moments
1.2.5 can rise to a sitting position
1.2.6 can crawl on their hands and knees, bottom-shuffle, or use their hand and feet to rapidly move "bear walking"
1.2.7 can often walk but tend to fall
1.2.8 crawl upstairs and downstairs backwards
1.2.9 able to walk alone
1.2.10 kneel without support
1.3 sensory
1.3.1 stroke. pat and turn objects in their hands
1.3.2 know and respond immediately to their name
1.3.3 can see almost as well as an adult
1.3.4 often enjoy watching television
1.3.5 discriminate between different foods by taste, and show preference for sweet, salty and fatty flavours
1.3.6 demand objects out of reach by pointing with index finger
1.3.7 point to familiar people, animals or objects when requested
2 cognitive/language
2.1 trail-error method to learn about objects
2.2 understand simple instructions such as "clap hand"
2.3 point and look to where others point
2.4 speak two to six recognizable words
2.5 hand objects to adults when asked
2.6 understand names of parts of the body
2.7 identify pictures of a few named objects
3 emotional/social
3.1 emotionally labile
3.2 often want a comfort object
3.3 closely dependent on adults presense
3.4 shy with strangers
3.5 affectionate with familiar people
3.6 enjoy socializing at mealtimes
3.7 help with daily routines "getting washed-dressed"
3.8 play pat-a cake and wave good bye
3.9 repeatedly throw or rejects objects "casting"
3.10 carry dolls or teddies
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