9 months

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9 months old mind map

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9 months
1 physical
1.1 gross motor
1.1.1 turn body to look sideways when stretching out to pick up a toy from the floor
1.1.2 maintain a sitting position with a straight back
1.1.3 pull themselves into a standing position but tend to fall back with a bump when lowering themselves
1.1.4 stand holding onto furniture
1.1.5 may take some steps when both hands are held
1.1.6 find ways to move around the floor: rolling, wriggling or crawling
1.1.7 can sit unsupported for 15 minutes
1.2 fine motor
1.2.1 pass toys from one hand to the other
1.2.2 can grasp objects between finger and thumb in a '"pincer grasp"
1.2.3 can drop a toy, but not set it down
1.2.4 have arms and legs together when excited
2 cognitive/language
2.1 imitate adult sounds
2.2 understand their daily routine and follow simple instuctions
2.3 can judge the size of an object up to 60 cm away
2.4 understand and obey the command "no"
2.5 use an increasing variety of intonation when babbling
2.6 know general characteristics of their language (will not respond to foreign language)
2.7 enjoy communicating with sounds
2.8 recognize familiar pictures
2.9 look in the correct direction for fallen toys
2.10 watch a toy being hidden and then know where to look for it
3 social/emotional
3.1 enjoy songs and action rhymes
3.2 still take every thing to the mouth
3.3 may drink from a cup with help
3.4 enjoy pointing at objects
3.5 play alone for long periods
3.6 enjoy making nodes by banging toys
3.7 show definite like and dislikes at meals and bed times
3.8 often need to have a comfort object like a blanket or a teddy
3.9 still prefer to be near a familiar adult
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