3 months

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3 months old mind map

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3 months
1 physical
1.1 gross
1.1.1 move arms and bring hands together over body
1.1.2 keep head in a central position when lying supine
1.1.3 head: lift head above body
1.1.4 almost no head lag in moving into the sitting position
1.1.5 held: sit with back straight
1.1.6 kick vigorously
1.1.7 prone: lift head and chest on forearms
1.2 fine
1.2.1 can hold a rattle for a short time
1.2.2 move their head to follow others moving
1.2.3 watch their hands and play with fingers
1.2.4 clasp and unclasp hands
1.3 sensory
1.3.1 focus their eye on the same point
1.3.2 often suck lips in response to the sound of food prepration
1.3.3 respond to their name being called
1.3.4 turn their head toward a sound source
1.3.5 love faces and can recognize their mothers in a photo
1.3.6 move head deliberately to gaze around them
1.3.7 prefer moving objects to still one
1.3.8 distressed by sudden loud noises
2 social/emotional
2.1 respond with pleasure to loving attention and cuddles
2.2 fix their eyes unblinkingly on the carer's face when feeding
2.3 show enjoyment at caring routines
2.4 stay awake for longer periods of time
2.5 smile at familiar people and strangers
3 cognitive/ language
3.1 understand cause and effect
3.2 take interest in surroundings
3.3 laugh and vocalize with increasing tone
3.4 smile in response to talking
3.5 cooing, gurgling and chuckling
3.6 cry loudly when expressing a need
3.7 show interest in playthings
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