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6 months


6 moths old mind map
Hamda Alfalasi
Mind Map by Hamda Alfalasi, updated more than 1 year ago
Hamda Alfalasi
Created by Hamda Alfalasi over 6 years ago

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6 months
  1. physical
    1. gross motor
      1. can roll from back to front
        1. can bear almost all their weight
          1. lift legs into vertical position and grasp one or both feet
            1. change the angle of their body to reach out for something
              1. kick vigorously with their legs
                1. move their hand purposefully and hold them up, wishing to be lifted
                  1. when on the floor, bounce feet up and down
                    1. use shoulder to pull themselves into sitting position
                      1. when held standing, do so with straight back
                        1. when held sitting, do so with straight back
                          1. if lying on stomach can lift their head and chest , supporting them selves on their arms and hands
                          2. fine motor
                            1. reach and grab when an object is offered
                              1. use the whole hand (palmer grasp) to pass a toy from one hand to the other
                                1. poke at small objects with their index finger
                                  1. explore objects by putting them in their mouth
                                  2. sensory
                                    1. adjust positions to see objects
                                      1. are visually very alert
                                        1. turn towards the source when the sound is at ear level
                                      2. social/emotional
                                        1. offers toys to others
                                          1. show distress when their mothers leave
                                            1. are wary of stragers
                                              1. are aware of others feelings
                                                1. manage to feed themselves using their fingers
                                                2. cognitive/language
                                                  1. understand the meaning of words
                                                    1. babble spontaneously
                                                      1. understand 'up' and 'down' and can make appropriate hand movement
                                                        1. squeal with delight
                                                          1. understand objects and what to expect from them
                                                            1. turn immediately when they hear their mothers or main carer's voice
                                                              1. talk to them selves in a tuneful voice
                                                                1. show understanding of emotional state of mothers or main carer's voice
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