18 months

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18 months old mind map

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18 months
1 physical
1.1 gross motor
1.1.1 can climb up and down stairs if hand is held
1.1.2 move without support from squatting to standing
1.1.3 squat to pick up or move a toy
1.1.4 can kneel upright
1.1.5 can climb forward into an adult chair and then turn around and sit
1.1.6 can crawl backwards on stairs alone
1.1.7 can walk steadily and stop safely
1.1.8 run steadily but unable to avoid obstacles
1.2 fine motor
1.2.1 remove small objects from a bottle
1.2.2 control wrist movement
1.2.3 thread large beads
1.2.4 scribble to-and-fro with a pecil
1.2.5 can hold a pencil whole hand or thumb and two finger "primitive tripod grasp"
1.2.6 can use a spoon when feeding themselves
1.2.7 can use a delicate pincer grasp to pick up small objects
1.2.8 can build a tower of three or more objects
1.2.9 can point to known objects
1.3 sensory
1.3.1 recognize familiar people at a distance
1.3.2 realize that they are look at themselves in the mirror
1.3.3 doesn't take things to mouth to explore
2 social/emotional
2.1 indicate toilet needs by restlessm
2.2 remember where objects belongs
2.3 play contentedly alone, but prefer to be near a familiar adult
2.4 are eager to be independent
2.5 aware that others are fearful or anxious for them
2.6 alternate between clinging and resistance
2.7 occasional temper tanturm
2.8 can follow and enjoy stories and rhymes that include repetition
3 cognitive/language
3.1 use gestures alongside words
3.2 obey simple instructions
3.3 enjoy trying to sing, and listening to songs
3.4 begin waving their arms up and down with a meaning
3.5 refer to themselves by name
3.6 over extend words or signs , giving them several meanings "holophrase"
3.7 echo the last part of what others say "echolalia"
3.8 use 6-40 recognizable words
3.9 know names of parts their body
3.10 recognize that people may have different desires
3.11 indicate desire by pointing, urgent vocalization or words
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