Psychological debates

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As psychology debates (unit 2)

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Psychological debates
1 Freewill-determinism
1.1 Determinist = behaviour is caused by factors out of our controll
1.2 Freewill = behaviour is a product of our own choice
2 Socially sensitive research
2.1 A topic that is likely to cause upset so some researchers avoid them
2.2 Psychologist need to anticipate if their research could have negative effects
3 Usefulness of research
3.1 Whether the findings from psychological research can be put to use
3.2 does it have a practical application
4 Ethical issues
4.1 consent
4.2 withdrawal
4.3 Confidentiality
4.4 protection from harm
4.5 debriefing
4.6 deception
4.7 competence
5 Psychology as a science
5.1 Replicability - repeated on different people with same results
5.2 objectivity - based on scientific facts
5.3 Falsifiability - scientifically tested and proven wrong
6 Nature-nurture
6.1 Nurture suggests we are a product of our upbringing
6.2 Nature suggests we are a product of our genetic inheritance
6.3 best researched on monozygotic twins
7 Individual-situational
7.1 situation = behaviour is best explained by reference to the situation
7.2 Individual = behaviour is best explained from a persons personality
8 Reductionism-holism
8.1 Reductionism = research should be conducted by isolating variables
8.1.1 Good for detail
8.2 Holism = develop multi-factor models that look at lots of behaviours
8.2.1 doesn't miss out any factors
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