Football Genius

Brice Keller
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tells about the book

Brice Keller
Created by Brice Keller about 4 years ago
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Football Genius
1 Setting
1.1 Time: september
1.2 Place: Atlanta
2 Tim Green
3 Characters
3.1 Troy
3.1.1 helpful, eager, wondering
3.2 Seth Hollaway
3.2.1 nice, caring, Athletic
3.3 Mom
3.3.1 careful, scared, thankful
3.4 Coach Krock
3.4.1 mean, uncaring, doesn't like change
4 Theme
4.1 I think the theme in my book is if you adimt to your mistates you will do better in life
4.2 Theme is brought up in my story by troy taking a football from Seth Hallaways house
5 Main Conflict
5.1 The coaches will not let troy help the falcons
5.2 Coach krock is mean and doesn't like troys mom

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