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Book Project
1 Theme
1.1 Message/Theme: The message in the story is that you should follow your heart.
1.2 How it is brought out in the book: The theme is brought out in the book when Jacob is told that he is crazy because he thought he saw a strange creature kill his grandfather. After that, Jacob goes to visit the orphanage his grandfather lived in. Jacob discovers the other children that lived with his grandfather, and discovers that a monster did actually kill his grandfather. Despite being called insane, Jacob followed his heart , and found out important information about his grandfather, the other children in the orphanage, and even himself.
2 Setting
2.1 Time Period: Present Day/1940s (during World War II)
2.2 Location: Cairnholm, England
3 Ella Dethlefs
4 Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
5 Characters
5.1 Miss Peregrine
5.1.1 Miss Peregrine is the headmistress of the orphanage in Carinholm, England and watches over the peculiar children.
5.1.2 Miss Peregrine is a ymbryne, which is a creature that keeps peculiars safe. They do this by keeping them in pockets of time, called loops, where that one day repeats itself over and over again. For example, the loop that Miss Peregrine is in, is September 3, 1940. So, the day September 3, 1940. repeats itself.
5.2 Jacob Portman
5.2.1 Jacob is also a peculiar (although he doesn't discover this until later in the book) his ability is that he is able to see the strange creatures called hollows
5.2.2 Jacob is the grandson of of Abe Portman, and discovers the peculiar children. He is also the main character in the book.
5.3 Emma Bloom
5.3.1 Emma is a very courageous girl and a very strong female character in the book.
5.3.2 Emma lives in Miss Peregrine's Orphanage and is a peculiar. She is able to create flames with her hands.
6 Main Conflict
6.1 Conflict: Jacob, along with the children from the orphanage his grandfather lived in, fight against the evil creatures to keep themselves safe, and save their headmistress, Miss Peregrine.
6.2 Cause: Jacob's grandfather Abe, was killed by a strange creature.
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