Out of my Mind

Taylor DeSplinte
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Taylor DeSplinte
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Out of my Mind
  1. Characters
    1. Mrs. V
      1. Postive
        1. Supportive
      2. Catherine
        1. Confident
          1. Carring
        2. Melody
          1. Strong
            1. Unquie
          2. Main Conflict
            1. Conflict/Problem: Melody cant talk,walk, or do anything without getting help from someone.
              1. Cause: The reason why she is like that is because she has a disability called Cerebral Palsy.
              2. Theme
                1. Message/ Theme: You're unique and intelligent, express it.
                  1. How brought out in book: Melody is always made fun of until she shows who she really is.
                  2. Setting
                    1. Modern Day, 2010
                      1. Neighbors
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