The Odd Squad

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a mind map for my book project on the oddsquad

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The Odd Squad
  1. Setting
    1. At a school
      1. It is all so at nicks house
      2. 2013
      3. characters
        1. NIck is the main character
          1. Karl is the weird freind of nick
            1. Roy the person that bullies Nick
              1. molly is Nicks freind she gets mad at him alot
              2. The problem in the story
                1. Nick is trying to be normal and not get bullied by Roy and so the councler makes him join the saftey patrol
                  1. Nick gets brought somewhere by roy and Roy threatens to dump Tuna on Nick when there are a lot of cats around
                    1. Roy gets a text from molly and Karl and it is oinxdexter in a twisting machine
                      1. Nick and Roy team up to get oinxdexter back
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