Genius Files Never say genius

Zachary Johns
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Genius Files Never say genius
1 Theme
1.1 Message/theme
1.1.1 Never give up when something is wrong. And never panic
1.2 How brought out in the book-
1.2.1 Coke and Pep escape everything/everyone that tries to hurt them
2 Main Conflict
2.1 Conflict/problem
2.1.1 Archie Clone and Dr.Warshaw are trying to kill Coke and Pep
2.1.2 Cause Coke and Pep went with an evil stranger Archie Clone and no one was with them.
3 Setting
3.1 Place/location
3.1.1 In their RV
3.1.2 Time June 25, 2012
4 Charachters
4.1 Coke
4.1.1 Brave
4.1.2 Smart
4.2 Pep
4.2.1 Brave
4.2.2 Smart
4.3 Archie Clone
4.3.1 Smart
4.3.2 Evil
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