The Fire Within

Lucas Nicke
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Lucas Nicke
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My mind map.

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The Fire Within
1 Setting
1.1 Modern
1.2 Wayward Cresent
2 Theme
2.1 Gadzooks-Davids dragon- cried a fire tear
2.2 To not make a dragon cry
3 Charactors
3.1 David
3.1.1 Curios
3.1.2 Likes books
3.2 Lucy
3.2.1 Loves squirrels
3.2.2 Lots of questions
3.3 Liz
3.3.1 Good at keeping secrets
3.3.2 Thoughtful
4 Main conflict
4.1 David is wondering how the house stays warm and why weird things are happening
4.2 There was no heating unit and fire going in in the house when there was nine
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