Powerless by:Riley nelson

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book project by Riley Nelson

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Powerless by:Riley nelson
  1. Characters
    1. Daniel Corrigan
      1. Smart
        1. Caring
        2. Eric Johnson
          1. Leader
            1. Smart
            2. Rohan Parmar
              1. Smart
                1. Strong minded
              2. Setting
                1. Summer-winter
                  1. July- December
                  2. Theme
                    1. Never give up
                      1. Even though they couldn't find out who the shroud was. They never gave up on trying to figure out who it was.
                      2. Main conflict
                        1. Daniel's friends are losing there superpowers when they turn 13 so Daniel tries to stop whoever is doing it.
                          1. Daniel has no superpowers so it will be harder for him to stop whose doing it.
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