The Right Fight

Brendan Hipkins
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Brendan Hipkins
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The Right Fight
1 Main Conflict
1.1 the conflict is that he drives a tank the in world war 2
1.2 the cuase is his tank gets hit and only 2 out of 5 people make it out and hes one of them
2 Theme
2.1 you might think something but it might not happen
2.2 He thought that he would win the war and that everything would go fine but it didn't
3 Setting
3.1 North Africa
3.2 in 1941 in world war 2
4 Characters
4.1 Roman
4.1.1 he was the main character
4.1.2 he played proffesinal baseball then he went into the army and he drove the tank
4.2 Hannah
4.2.1 she was Roman's girlfreind
4.2.2 she played baseball then went into the air force
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