Three of Diamonds

Tanner Burgett
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Tanner Burgett
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Book project Three of Diamonds

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Three of Diamonds
1 Setting
1.1 2002
1.2 London
2 Theme
2.1 Crime is always caught.
2.2 Two people killed an officer who they said was a different person. Also the stole half of the money donated to the Dream Time Charity.
3 Main Conflict
3.1 A man gets ran over by a steamroller before he meets a person that gave him 2 million dollars.
3.2 Tim and Nick have to find out if it was an accident or murder.
4 Characters
4.1 Tim Diamond
4.1.1 Funny
4.1.2 Bumbling
4.2 Nick Diamond
4.2.1 Curious
4.2.2 Adventurous
4.3 Chief Inspector Snape
4.3.1 Serious
4.3.2 Tough
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