Mark of the Theif

Ethan Holke
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Ethan Holke
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Mark of the Theif

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Mark of the Theif
  1. Setting
    1. 5000 B.C
      1. Rome
      2. Characters
        1. Nic
          1. caring
            1. brave
            2. Aurelia
              1. tough
                1. courious
                2. General Raulf
                  1. non caring
                    1. mean
                  2. Main conflict
                    1. Nic ends up fighting General Raulf
                      1. Nic has a bulla that Raulf wants
                      2. Theme
                        1. Nic was cursed from putting the bulla around his neck
                          1. Do not take what is not yours at all.
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