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Civil War Alan Ortiz


Civil war Mind map by alan ortiz
Alan Ortiz
Mind Map by Alan Ortiz, updated more than 1 year ago
Alan Ortiz
Created by Alan Ortiz over 6 years ago

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Civil War Alan Ortiz
  1. Abraham Lincoin
    1. President
      1. Wrote and delivered the Gettysburg Adress
      2. Battles
        1. First battle of bull run
          1. Generals
            1. General Mcdowell
              1. SIDE: North,control the best route road to the confederate capital
              2. Stone Wall Jackson
                1. Side:South,his unit stood in place and did not let any union troops through
                2. General Mclellan
                  1. Side:North,his strategy was to slowly bring army through
              3. Seven Days Battle
                1. June 1862,Lees strengthen position and starts to force union army to retreat and series of clashes South won the war
                  1. Generals
                    1. McClellan
                  2. second Battle of Bull Run
                    1. Took Place In:
                      1. Manassas Virginia
                      2. Generals
                        1. John Pope
                          1. Stone wall jackson
                          2. Heavy casualties-many died The south won the war,the war took 3 days of battle
                          3. Battle of Antietam
                            1. September 4,1862 The two sides met along creek in Maryland,Battle lasted hours.25,000 people died.Lee divides his army,McClellan finds hesitate to attack,the union ens up winning the war
                              1. Clash of the i
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