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Tov Test Revisino
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  1. Treaty of Versaille
    1. 28th June 1919
      1. Doesn't seem fair on Germany
        1. Territory, Reparation, Armaments, War Guilt, League of Nations
          1. germany becomes Welmar Republic
          2. America
            1. Woodrow Wilson
              1. Idealist
                1. 14 points
                  1. Wanted to give germany a new start
                2. Britain
                  1. George Llyod Webber
                    1. Split on what to do
                    2. France
                      1. Clemenceau
                        1. Hated Germany
                          1. Alscasce-Lorrain
                        2. Anschluss = German and Austrian treaty (banned)
                          1. Plebiscite = A vote to decide who should rule a country
                          2. Was it justified?
                            1. Don't think so: reasons
                            2. Ruhr Crisis - Hyperinflation
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