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Film Brief 7


This tells you about all the key factors that is needed within this one particular film
khalid kerr
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khalid kerr
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Film Brief 7
  1. Horror/ Thirller
    1. Filming in the dark
      1. Soundscape of many people speking
        1. Costume - Casual wear
          1. Schizophrenic
            1. Who was he? Why he might be there? How he got there
              1. (Editing) - Bad TV effect and main character screaming at the camera
                1. (Set) - Flashing lights everywhere
                  1. (Character) - Acting posessed
                    1. Getting dragged everywhere
                  2. Start with end of the film, as the begining and flash back to the start
                    1. Do a zoom into character
                      1. Make sure: The character exclaims - "why you doing this to me"
                      2. Flash of light - Black Screen to wide-shot of the house
                        1. Cut to kid in his house and he says -"hi my name is Benson Fisher! And this is my story"
                          1. Mum calls him downstairs to receive good news that he got into the school he wanted
                      3. Diagetic sound
                        1. Cut to school bell ringing and Benson in the middle of the corridor smiling
                          1. There's a clear indication of what he's wearing
                        2. Voice over of people chatting away
                          1. (Camera Set-up) - Filming in a corner Benson going crazy and shaking the camera
                            1. Benson says - "What do you want from me?!"
                              1. Blurred, blue police camera, bad reception to be obvious as if its a security camera
                            2. Somewhere like a Theatre room where its nice and dark
                              1. Characters
                                1. Mum - Barbra
                                  1. Benson Fisher
                                    1. Friends
                                      1. Extras of the school
                                      2. Locations
                                        1. Dark Room
                                          1. House
                                            1. School
                                              1. Outside (surrounding School)
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