"The Lottery", Shirley Jackson


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"The Lottery", Shirley Jackson
  1. heterodiegetic,authorial narrative situation
    1. External perspective on all characters
      1. no representation of characters' interiority
      2. title creates false expectations
        1. Evocation of an idyllic setting:small-town America
          1. Subtle hints at uncanny situation: children "uneasy", men's "jokes were quiet"; "the children came reluctantly,having be called four or five times"
            1. Transition from trivial everyday business to solemnity of ritual
              1. Lottery part of social life; part of village's foundation myth: "the box ... that had been constructed when the first people settled to make a village here."
                1. Lottery as ritual under threat: abolition in other villages
                  1. "Next thing you know, they'll be wanting to go back to living in caves, nobody work any more, live that way for a while."
                  2. Lottery as sign of a civilized life and integral to village's identity
                  3. pointless violence,cruelty and cowardice
                    1. Tessie's children: beaming and laughing when opening their slips of paper;someone giving stones to little Davy
                      1. Ending: revealing and concealing
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