Genre research: psychological thriller

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Genre conventions of psychological thrillers!

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Genre research: psychological thriller
  1. Colours
    1. Desaturated
      1. Greys and browns during normal scenes
        1. Oranges and reds to connote danger
        2. Setting
          1. Isolated
            1. Forests, and small towns
              1. Large buildings with multiple darkened rooms
              2. Characters
                1. Can be of any gender or age group
                  1. Usually just one or two characters
                  2. Mise-en-scene
                    1. Dark
                      1. Regular objects in unusual places
                        1. Unanticipated occurrences
                        2. Lighting
                          1. Low key lighting
                            1. Potential use of chiaroscuro lighting effects
                              1. Possibly grey filters
                              2. Editing
                                1. Potential use of discontinuity editing
                                  1. Jump cuts
                                    1. Minimal editing on calm sections
                                    2. Sound
                                      1. Discordant
                                        1. Violins/pianos
                                          1. Asynchronous sound
                                          2. Cinematography
                                            1. Handheld camera
                                              1. Wide shots to connote isolation
                                                1. Lack of establishing shots
                                                  1. Close-ups to show emotion or point of view
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