Trotsky's Career

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Trotsky's career

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Trotsky's Career
1 1905 Revolution
1.1 Snuck back into Russia after Bloody Sunday
1.2 Had to sneak back out to Finland after the Menshevik group he was working with were betrayed by a Secret Police agent
1.3 Returned to St Petersburg on the 15th of October
1.3.1 Took over the Russian Gazette newspaper
1.3.2 Co-founded Menshevik newspaper Nachalo
1.4 Put on trial for supporting the revolution
1.4.1 Gave one of the best speeches of his life
1.4.2 He was sentenced to exile in Siberia
2 World War I
2.1 Living in New York during the February Revolution
2.1.1 His boat back home was intercepted by British officers and he was captured. The Russian foreign minister later got him released as a Russian citizen
2.2 Arrested after the July Days
2.3 Released from prison due to the Kornilov affair
3 1896 - 1900 Revolutionary Ideas
3.1 Originally opposed Marxism
3.2 Helped to organise the South Russian Worker's Union
3.2.1 Arrested for his involvement
3.2.2 Sent into exile in Siberia
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