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AP Style D
1 Damage vs. Damages
1.1 Damage = Destruction
1.1.1 "Authorities said damage from the storm would total more than $1 billion"
1.2 Damages = Awarded by a court as compensation for injury, loss, etc
1.2.1 "The woman received $25,00 in damages"
2 Datelines
2.1 Contain a CITY NAME (all caps) followed by name of the state, country or territory.
2.1.1 In citing OTHER cities within the body of a story No further info necessary if a city is in same state as city in Dateline Follow the city name with further ID in most cases where it is not in the same state of dateline city. DO NOT refer to Boston, Mass., in a story with the dateline NEW YORK
3 Demolish vs. Destroy
3.1 Both = completely. Something cannot be partially demolished or destroyed. It is redundant to say "totally demolished" or "totally destroyed"
4 Department
4.1 List the subject first in news stories, A phrase such as "the department" should be used on the second reference
4.1.1 "Agriculture Department and Commerce Department"
4.1.2 Exceptions = "Department of Homeland Security"
4.2 lowercase "department" in plural uses, but CAPITALIZE THE PROPER NAME ELEMENT
4.2.1 "the departments of Labor and Justice."
4.2.2 "Kissinger said, 'State and Justice must resolve their differences." VS. "Henry Kissinger, the secretary of the state." lowercase the department whenever it stands alone.
4.3 In stories with US datelines, do not include "U.S." before the titles of government officials.
5 Differnent
5.1 Takes the preposition "from"
6 Dimensions
6.1 Spell out "inches, feet, yards," and use figures to indicate and hyphenate adjectival forms before nouns.
6.1.1 Depth, height, length, width
6.1.2 "He is 5 feet 6 inches tall." VS. "The 5-foot 6-inch man." "The storm left 5 inches of snow"
6.2 Use apostrophe to indicate feet and quote marks to indicate inches (5'6'') only in technical contexts.
7 Directions vs. Regions
7.1 lowercase for compass directions
7.1.1 "He drove west, the cold front is moving east"
7.2 Capitalize to designate regions
7.2.1 "The North was victorious, the South shall rise again, The candidate developed a Southern strategy."
7.3 With Nation Name, Lowercase unless part of proper name or are used to designate a politically divided nation.
7.3.1 northern France, western United States. Northern Ireland, South Korea
8 Disabled, Handicapped
8.1 Avoid descriptions that connote pity, such as "afflicted with" or "suffers from"
9 Dollars
9.1 ALWAYS lowercase and don't link numerals and word by a hyphen.
9.1.1 "he is worth $4.35 million. He proposed a $300 billion budget."
10 Drunk, Drunken
10.1 Drunk= Spelling of the adjective used AFTER a form of the verb to be. "He was drunk"
10.2 Drunken = The spelling of the adjective used BEFORE NOUNS. "A drunken driver. Drunken driving."
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