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AP Style E


Ap Style chapter E for journalism quiz 4
Joe  Cruz
Mind Map by Joe Cruz, updated more than 1 year ago
Joe  Cruz
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AP Style E
  1. Either = One or the Other, not both.
    1. Right: "There were lions on each side of the door." Wrong: "There were lions on either side of the door"
    2. Either or/Neither nor
      1. Require a verb that agrees with the nearer subject
        1. "Neither they nor he is going. Neither he nor they are going"
      2. Ensure: To mean guarantee
        1. "steps were taken to ensure accuracy"
          1. Insure: For references to insurance
            1. "The policy insures his life"
              1. Assure: To make sure or give confidence
                1. "she assured us the statement was accurate"
            2. Entitled: A right to do or have something. DO NOT USE to mean "titled"
              1. "she was entitled to the promotion"
                1. "The book was titled, 'Gone With the Wind'"
                2. Essential/Nonessential clauses
                  1. Essential = cannot be eliminated without changing the meaning of the sentence.
                    1. Essential restricts the meaning of the word or phrase that its absence would lead to a substantially different interpretation of what author meant.
                      1. "Reporters who do not read the Stylebook should not criticize their editors"
                        1. Who, Whom, That, Which = introduce Essential clauses and refer to INANIMATE OBJECT or animal without name.
                          1. "He said Monday that the part of the army which suffered severe casualties needs reinforcement."
                            1. "Which" is only used when "that" appears as a conjunction to introduce another clause in the same sentence.
                          2. Essential clause MUST NOT be SET OFF by COMMAS.
                          3. Nonessential = can be eliminated without altering basic meaning of the sentence
                            1. Nonessential does not restrict the meaning so significantly that its absence would radically alter the author's thoughts.
                              1. "Reporters, who do not read the Stylebook, should not criticize their editors"
                              2. MUST be SET OFF by COMMAS
                            2. Essential/Nonessential phrases
                              1. Essential = word/group of words critical to reader's understanding of what author had in mind.
                                1. Nonessential = provides more info about something. Although helpful, reader would be misled if the info were not there.
                                  1. DO USE COMMAS
                                    1. "They ate dinner with their daughter Julie and her husband, David."
                                      1. Don't confuse punctuation rules for Nonessential clauses with the correct punctuation when a nonessential word is used as a descriptive adjective.
                                        1. "Julie and husband Jeff went shopping." VS. "Julie and her husband, Jeff, went shopping"
                                          1. "Company Chairman Henry Ford II made the announcement." VS. "The company chairman, Henry Ford II, made the announcement."
                                      2. DO NOT set off by commas.
                                        1. "We saw the award-wining movie 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'"
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