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Journalism quiz 4 AP Style chapter 4

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AP Style F
1 Farther= Physical distance
1.1 "He walked farther into the woods"
2 Further= Extension of time or degree
2.1 "She will look further into the mystery"
3 Felony: A serious crime, potential of more than 1 YEAR IN PRISON.
3.1 Misdemeanor: A minor offense against the law, potential of NO MORE THAN 1 YEAR IN JAIL.
3.1.1 Felon: A person convicted of a FELONY, regardless of whether individual actually spends time in confinement or is given probation or a fine instead. "Convicted felon" is redundant.
3.1.2 Both depend on the government jurisdiction involved.
4 Female = adjective. Don't use "woman"
4.1 "She is the first female governor of North Carolina"
5 Fewer = individual items
5.1 Wrong: "She was fewer than 60 years old." (Years in this sense refers to a period of time, not individual years.)
5.2 Right: "Fewer than 10 applicants called. (individuals)
6 Less = Bulk/Quantity
6.1 Wrong: "The trend is toward more machines and less people" (People in this sense refers to individuals)
6.2 Right: "I had less than $50 in my pocket"
6.2.1 An amount, But: "I had FEWER than 50 $1 bills in my pocket" (each bill is an individual item.)
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