Introduction to Information Systems (IS)

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Summarize of Chapter 1

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Introduction to Information Systems (IS)
1 Effects to Society
1.1 +
1.1.1 IT can provide opportunities for people with disabilities
1.1.2 IT can provide people with flexibility in their work
1.1.3 Robots will take over mundane chores
1.1.4 IT will enable improvements in healthcare
1.2 -
1.2.1 IT can cause health problems for individual
1.2.2 IT can place employees on constant cell
1.2.3 IT can potentially misinform patients about their health problems
1.3 -
2 Impacts to Organization
2.1 Managers
2.1.1 IT may reduce the number of middle managers
2.1.2 IT will provide managers with real-time or near-time information, meaning that managers will have less time to make decisions
2.1.3 IT will increase the likelihood that managers will have to supervise geographically dispersed employees and teams
2.2 Non Managerial
2.2.1 IT may eliminate jobs
2.2.2 IT may cause employees to experience a loss of identity
2.2.3 IT can cause job stress and physical problems, such as repetitive stress injury
3 Computer-Based Information Systems
3.1 Components
3.1.1 Hardware
3.1.2 Software
3.1.3 Database
3.1.4 Network
3.1.5 Procedures
3.1.6 People
3.2 Types
3.2.1 Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
3.2.2 Functional area information systems (FAISs)
3.2.3 Interorganizational information systems (IOSs)
3.2.4 Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
3.2.5 Electronic commerce (e-commerce)
3.2.6 Office automation systems (OASs)
3.2.7 Business intelligence (BI)
3.2.8 Expert systems (ESs)
4 Why Should Study IS?
4.1 Homo Conexus
4.2 Informed User
4.3 IT offers career opportunities
4.4 Managing Information Resources
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