The Spanish Armada : England vs Spain

Eleanor Bayfield
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GCSE History Mind Map on The Spanish Armada : England vs Spain, created by Eleanor Bayfield on 11/17/2013.

Eleanor Bayfield
Created by Eleanor Bayfield almost 6 years ago
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The Spanish Armada : England vs Spain
1 The English
1.1 The English were sailing on home seas and so knew what they were doing
1.1.1 Even though the Spanish had bigger boats the English boats were better manned
1.1.2 The English had good artillery skills
1.2 They could restock their ships
1.3 They were led by Sir Frances Drake and Admiral Howard who both had experience at sea
1.3.1 They had the good tactic of fireships
2 The Spanish
2.1 The Spanish did not have adequate supplies and could not restock their ships
2.2 They were being led by a person who had no experience
2.3 They fell for the English tactic of fireships
2.4 Their boats were ruined in the storms