Czechoslovakia and the Prague Spring

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Czechoslovakia and the Prague Spring
1 Brezhnev
1.1 Leader of the USSR
1.2 Brezhnev Doctrine
1.2.1 Was introduced to enforce that the Soviet Union could use force at any time. Also stated that countries should have 1) a one-party system and 2) remain part of the Warsaw Pact
2 Leaders
2.1 Novotny
2.1.1 Unpopular Forced to retire due to unpopularity
2.2 Dubcek
2.2.1 1967 "Socialism with a human face"
3 Events
3.1 "Socialism with a human face"
3.1.1 Dubcek wanted things like less censorship, more freedom of speech and reduction of use of the secret police. However he did not want to leave the Warsaw Pact
3.2 The Prague Spring
3.2.1 After Dubcek's policy, people started to test the freedom they had. Intellectuals started to attack communist officials
3.2.2 Known as this because new ideas kept springing up everywhere.
3.3 Action taken by the West
3.3.1 USSR became suspicious of Czechoslovakia Because it was centrally placed and might spread across other countries. They tried to slow Dubcek down
3.3.2 In July, a summit conference took place. Dubcek agreed not to allow another party but insisted on keeping his other reforms. In August, all the Warsaw Pact countries declared that Czech was to maintain political stability
3.3.3 On August 20th 1968, Soviet Troops moved into Czechoslovakia Little violent action taken by the Czechs Many simply stood in front of tanks and presented flowers to soldiers Dubcek was removed from power 47 Czechs arrested
3.4 People in Czechoslovakia were worried that in years to come their wages would get worse and things would never improve.
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