Module 3 Study Guide

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deviance module 3

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Module 3 Study Guide
1 Child Maltreatment
1.1 physical abuse, physical neglect, emotional maltreatment,and of course, sexual abuse and exploitation.
1.2 numbers of child maltreatment cases have severly dropped
2 Unreported/ Unsubstaintiated cases
2.1 Professionals fail to report many of the children who had observable signs of child abuse and neglect.
2.2 60-65 % of reported cases are determined to be unsubstantiated (They don't have enough evidence.)
2.3 Unsubstantiated cases still go through the whole legal processes. Everyone in the families life will most likely know they were being investigated.
3 Survey of Sexual Behavior
3.1 The society in which we live treats sex and everything related to sex in a mostambiguous and ambivalent fashion.
3.2 Problems: Sex is seen as taboo, Most people do not like to share their intimate details, If they do share those intimate details sometimes they are untrue.
3.3 Sample Design: Probability sample, estimates are normally distributed
4 Gaining Cooperation
4.1 75% participation rate is acceptable
4.2 The Survey of Sexual Behavior had an 80% participation rate
4.3 More support is given for these studies if there is some sort of incentive
5 Mode of Administration
5.1 Face to face
5.1.1 Most costly version
5.2 Telephone
5.2.1 Take about 90 minutes to complete. Therefore these are not ideal even though they are cheap.
5.3 Self Administration
5.3.1 Questions must be in their simplest form
6 The Questionaire
6.1 Most important part of the study.
6.2 Must be clear and concise
6.3 Use words that can be interpreted the same by many different people
7 Researching Dealers and Smugglers
7.1 Getting in
7.2 The Covert Role
7.2.1 By being introduced to others in this wise rather than overt role, wewere able to interact with people who would otherwise have shied away
7.3 Developing trust
7.3.1 It takes alot to prove yourself
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