Executive Branch

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Executive Branch
1 President
1.1 Head of Executive Branch
1.2 Head of state and government
1.3 Commander in cheif of the armed forces
1.4 can veto, sign, or do nothing for 10 days and the bill becomes a law
2 Vice President
2.1 elected by the electoral collage
2.2 Has to be ready at any given moment if the president can't perform his duties.
2.3 has an office in the west wing of the white house
3 Executive office of the President
3.1 created in 1939 by Franklin D. Roosevelt
3.2 The EOP has the responibility to communicate the President's words to the American people
3.3 The most visible parts are the White House and communications office
4 The Cabinet
4.1 Made up of the 15 executive departments
4.2 Appointed by the President and confirmed by the senate
4.3 People that are apart of the cabinet sit in the order the departments were created
5 Departments
5.1 Department of Agriculture
5.1.1 Develops and executes policy on farming It includes the needs of farmers
5.2 Department of Commerce
5.2.1 Improves living standards supports U.S bussinesses
5.3 Department of Defense
5.3.1 Provides military forces Department is located at the Pentagon
5.4 Department of Education
5.4.1 Promotes student achievement collect data to improve education quality
5.5 Department of Energy
5.5.1 improve the national, economic, and energy security Insures America's nuclear sercurity
5.6 Department of Health and Human Services
5.6.1 Protects health of all Americans administring medicaid and medicare
5.7 Department of Homeland Security
5.7.1 Protect the American people To prevent terrorist attacks against Americans
5.8 Department of Housing and Urban Development
5.8.1 Addresses America's housing needs Improves the nations community
5.9 Department of the Interior
5.9.1 Protects Americas natural resources Protects endangered species
5.10 Department of Justice
5.10.1 Enforces the law comprised of 40 component orginizations
5.11 Department of Labor
5.11.1 Ensures strong American workforce address work training and safe work conditions
5.12 Department of State
5.12.1 Implements the President's foreign policy diplomatic relations with 180 countries
5.13 Department of Transportation
5.13.1 To ensure convenient transportation
5.14 Department of the Treasury
5.14.1 Ensures the security of the U.S. financial system
5.15 Department of Veterans Affairs
5.15.1 Responsible for benefit programs for veterans and their families
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