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Tour Operator


List of verbs
Elena Grunova
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Elena Grunova
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Tour Operator
  1. duties
    1. plan
      1. tour
        1. take care
          1. provide customized services
          2. create
            1. arrange
              1. provide
                1. organize
                  1. coordinate/negotiate
                    1. airlines
                      1. hotels
                        1. grand
                          1. restaurants
                            1. sightseeing providers
                            2. evaluate
                              1. report
                                1. resolve
                                  1. promote
                                    1. webside
                                      1. on line directories
                                        1. adss
                                          1. brochures
                                          2. handle
                                            1. any problems
                                            2. take feedback
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