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WWI Trench Warfare


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WWI Trench Warfare
  1. What are trenches?
    1. Form of landwarfare
      1. occupied fighting lines
        1. Troops are protected from the enemy's small arms fire and are substantially sheltered from artillery.
          1. No Man's Land
          2. Effectiveness
            1. Widely used through out WW1
              1. strategies and tactics changed on the battlefield, trench warfare soon became obsolete.
                1. German Trench Warfare
                  1. Allied Trenches
                  2. Construction
                    1. barbed wire, board walks, sand bags to prevent the sides from collapsing, and alarm bells.
                      1. zig zag lines so that the attacker could not fire straight down a line and kill everyone
                      2. Battles and Major Events
                        1. Western Front
                          1. Battle of the Marne
                            1. Race to the Sea
                              1. The 1914 Christmas Truce
                              2. Operational
                                1. Casualty rate (effectiveness of trenches)
                                  1. Weapons
                                    1. Infantry weapons
                                      1. Machine Guns
                                        1. Mortars
                                          1. Poison / Mustard Gas
                                            1. Airstrikes
                                            2. Strategies
                                              1. Breaking the stalemate
                                                1. Infiltration tactics
                                                  1. German Stormtroopers
                                                  2. Communications in Trenches
                                                  3. Personal
                                                    1. Life
                                                      1. Boredom of Daily Routine
                                                        1. Lice and Mice
                                                          1. Rations of food
                                                            1. "Stand to!"
                                                              1. Trench Feet
                                                                1. Malnutrition
                                                                2. Psychological
                                                                  1. Death Poems
                                                                    1. Front Trench Routines
                                                                      1. Shell Shock
                                                                        1. Stench caused by dead bodies and mud
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