Percy Jackson The Last Olympian

Douglas Haradon
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Douglas Haradon
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Percy Jackson The Last Olympian
1 Setting
1.1 Place: New York
1.2 Time: between 2009 and 2012
2 Characters
2.1 Percy Jackson
2.1.1 Brave
2.2 Annabeth Chase
2.2.1 Extremely inteligent
2.3 Nico Di Angelo
2.3.1 Scary
3 Theme
3.1 Always have hope no matter the chances.
3.2 Percy and his camper friends are hopelessly outnumbered but they never once gave up.
4 Main Conflict
4.1 Conflict-- Percy is trying to stop Kronos from destroying Olympus.
4.2 Cause-- Kronos has been imprisoned in Tartarus for two millennia and he hungers for revenge against the Olympians.
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