Babe and Me

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Babe and Me
1 Main Conflict
1.1 Conflict- Joe Stoshack has a special ability , it lets him go back in time with baseball cards.He goes back in time to see if Babe Ruth hit his called shot or not.
1.2 He wants to find out if Babe called his shot.
2 Charters
2.1 Joe Stoshack
2.1.1 Corages
2.1.2 Helpful
2.2 Babe Ruth
2.2.1 Funny
2.2.2 Loyal
2.3 "Dad"
2.3.1 Smart
2.3.2 Reliable
3 Setting
3.1 Place-Wrigley Field
3.2 Time- 1932/present time
4 Theme
4.1 Never give up on seeing what you want to see.
4.2 How it is brought out in the book- It was brought out in the book by Joe getting top see Babe Ruth see if he called his shot.
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