The Cold War - The Fear of Communism

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11 Yr 9-10 History (Australia in the Vietnam War Era) Mind Map on The Cold War - The Fear of Communism, created by ElsienaKate on 04/03/2013.

Created by ElsienaKate over 6 years ago
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The Cold War - The Fear of Communism
1 Communist governments were set up.
1.1 Russia
1.2 North Korea
1.3 China
1.4 Germany
1.5 Communist movements
1.5.1 French Indochina
1.5.2 British Malaya
2 War of suspicion and distrust between the democratic nations of the world.
2.1 Existence of nuclear weapons added to this distrust.
2.2 Democratic Nations
2.2.1 United States
2.2.2 Australia
2.2.3 Britain
3 Communism
3.1 Terms and Names
3.1.1 The Red Tide
3.1.2 Reds
3.1.3 The red Menace

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