Leon Trotsky

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Leon Trotsky
1 Trotsky was born in Yanovka, Ukraine on the 7th of November 1879
1.1 He's father was a land owner.
1.2 As a kid Trotsky was involved in many underground activities, later to be arrested and exiled to Siberia.
1.2.1 This is where he joined the Social Democrat party.
1.2.2 He went on to escape Siberia and have spells in diffenret countries.
2 In 1903 Trotsky left the Social Democrat party to move onto the Menshevik Party while Lenin on the other hand had most the majority of the Bolsheviks.
3 Trotsky was involved in the 1905 revolution by being an influential member of the St Petersburg Soviet. The group gained much popularity due to extremism but its effectiveness can be questioned.
3.1 Due to poor planning a November offensive failed leading to the later arrest of Trotsky for supporting an armed rebellion
4 Trotsky played no part in WW1 as he was exiled from Russia and was living in New York. However during he's time in New York he took part in anti-war protests and when the Tsar abdicated in 1917 he returned back to Russia
4.1 Upon returning Trotsky joined the Bolsheviks despite he's disagreements with Lenin however Trotsky would go on to play a vital part in their takeover to become communist .
4.1.1 He was put in charge of the MRC- the Soviet Defensive Force. Meaning he had the command of the only effective military of the time. He in fact led the the October revolution
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