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Pupil Identities


Mind map showing three different sections to pupil identities
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Pupil Identities
  1. Habitus
    1. Learned, taking-for-granted ways of acting, thinking and being in a particular social class.
      1. A class habitus is formed as a response to its position in the class structure.
        1. The Middle Class define their habitus as superior and impose it on the education system.
          1. This is linked to Bourdieu's concept of cultural capital.
          2. Symbolic Capital and Symbolic Violence
            1. Middle Class gain recognition from the school and are deemed to have value.
              1. The school deprives the Working Class habitus and deem it to be worthless.
                1. Withholding of symbolic capital is called symbolic violence.
                  1. Working Class students may experience the world of education is unnatural.
                    1. Archer found that working class pupils felt they had to change how they talked and presented themselves.
                    2. 'Nike' Identities
                      1. Symbolic violence cause pupils to seek alternative ways of creating self-wroth, status and value.
                        1. Peer groups.
                          1. Lead to conflict with the school dress code.
                            1. Plays a part in rejection of higher education.
                              1. Unrealistic - believe it is for rich, posh and clever people so they would not fit in.
                                1. Undesirable - believed it would not suit their habitus or their preferred lifestyle.
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