Reasons for Australia's Participation in Vietnam

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11 Yr 9-10 History (Australia in the Vietnam War Era) Mind Map on Reasons for Australia's Participation in Vietnam, created by ElsienaKate on 04/03/2013.

Created by ElsienaKate over 6 years ago
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Reasons for Australia's Participation in Vietnam
1 The possibility of communism spreading to Australia was regarded with increasing seriousness.
2 Strong communist influences in Indonesia gave rise to a sense of threat and communist aggression close to Australia
3 Australia feared the Domino effect
4 Menzies reasons for Australian involvement
4.1 "We are for peace. We do not understand aggression, but we will resist it with all we have and are."
4.2 "The takeover of South Vietnam would be a direct threat to Australia."
5 Treaties
5.2 The ANZUS Treaty

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