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Slavery Renissance, Reformation

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History Quarter
1 The Renissance
1.1 Artist
1.1.1 Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa, Last Supper, Human Disection,
1.1.2 Raphel Fresco, School of Athens
1.1.3 Michelanglo Sisten Chapels Sculpture of David, La Pieta, Last Judgment
1.2 Humanism
1.2.1 Franseco Petrach "Father of Humanism", Poet
1.2.2 Nicolo MACHIAVELLI Leaders Should be feared, the Prince
1.2.3 Erasmus Praise of Folly, attacked Catholic Church
1.2.4 Thomas Moore Wrote Utopia, wanted to rexamin Catholic
2 The Reformation
2.1 Luther
2.1.1 95 Theses Denonuced: Selling Indulgances, Heavy Taxation, Popes abuse of power, Low ordination standards
2.1.2 Excommunication Pope Leo X forced him to recant Edict of Worms labeled Luther a heritic, and banned his books, teaching
2.2 Protestants
2.2.1 Luthernanism Salvation only through faith Jesus Head of Church Not Pope
2.2.2 Calvnist predestination, Theoracy
2.2.3 Anabaptist baptized adults, fled to America for Seperation of Church and State
2.2.4 Anglicanism King Henry 8
2.3 Counter reformation
2.3.1 Pope Paul 3 Ordered Cardinals to invetigate Council of Trent Church was final, Faith and good works, Indulgances vaild, selling not Jesuits Educate, Combat, Spread
3 Slavery
3.1 Europe's Pre-
3.1.1 3 G's God Gold, Glory
3.1.2 Wanted New routes (crusades) Renissance (curiosity), Reformation (Protestants)
3.2 Triangle trade
3.2.1 Europe Got Sugar, tobaco sent Textiles, and rum to Africa who sent slaves to America they sent Sugar, tobacco and cotton
3.3 Countries Who Colnized
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