womens rights movements

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women's movement

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womens rights movements
1 cult of domesticity
1.1 purity
1.2 domesticity
1.3 submissiveness
1.4 piety
1.5 the cult of domesticity is also known as the cult of true women hood
1.6 it revolved around the the women being the center of the family they were the light of the home
2 Susan b Anthony/Elizabeth Stanton
2.1 Gained the womens suffrage rights they wanted
2.1.1 1840-1920
2.2 first gathering at seneca falls july 19th,1848
2.3 the two edited and published a womens news paper
3 Alice paul
3.1 she was a member of the NAWSA
3.2 womens rights activist
3.3 she went to prison for illegal
3.4 she wanted to form a congressional union
3.5 she left the NAWSA and formed a congressional union
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