The 1850s: Road to Secession

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The 1850s: Road to Secession

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The 1850s: Road to Secession
1 Compromise of 1850
1.1 1) CA shall be a free state
1.1.1 2) stronger fugitive slave laws 3) no slave trade in Wash. DC 4) popular sovereignty
1.2 Henry Clay; settled tensions only temporarily
2 Uncle Tom's Cabin
2.1 written by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1852)
2.2 was exposed to slaves & their stories... but not first-hand
3 Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)
3.1 proposed by Stephen Douglas
3.1.1 personally benefitted him b/c he owned land out there & there was a possibility of a railroad
3.2 open area to settlers
3.3 Nebraska (free) & Kansas (determined by pop. sovereignty)
4 Lincoln-Douglas Debates
4.1 Illinois Senate (1858)
4.2 foreshadows a future election: 1860
4.3 believed slavery was a horrible thing that needed to be eliminated but felt more strongly about keeping the Union together; didn't believe in racial equality
5 1860 Election Political Cartoon
5.1 showed Lincoln trying to hold together the two pieces of the N & S (fabric map)
5.2 shows Douglas & others tearing the map apart (showing their belief in division)
6 Crittenden Compromise
6.1 proposed by Senator John J. Crittenden (Know-Nothing Party, KY)
6.1.1 was practically a copy of the Missouri Compromise was unsuccessful (SC secedes in Dec of 1860)
7 The Crimes Against Kansas
7.1 Charles Sumner (ANTI) & Preston Brooks (PRO)
7.1.1 Brooks is expelled from HOR and then re-elected
7.1.2 a physical fight that broke out on the floor of the Senate
7.1.3 highlights the extent of sectionalism that was brewing; used as propaganda in N
8 "Bleeding Kansas"
8.1 both sides of extremists flood into Kansas
8.1.1 people from Missouri (Slave State) vote illegally & forcefully (a.k.a. Border "Ruffians") ends up having both a slave & free government
8.1.2 unexpectedly is voted to become a slave state
9 John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry (1859 in VA)
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